Facing a Combustible Dust Hazard? Consider These Three Questions.


Amid today’s workplace safety landscape, combustible dust is a conundrum.

Dust in the workplace is unavoidable; yet, managing dust is much more than a routine housekeeping consideration. Anything from sugar to metal to rubber can produce dust, and in manufacturing settings, these dust particles can pose serious hazard risks. These risks span not only fire and flash fire but also blast and explosion scenarios. The combustible dust hazard is a multi-faceted situation with many variables and outcomes.

If your workplace contends with dust particles, ask yourself these three questions to better understand the hazards surrounding combustible dust incidents.

Why is addressing a combustible dust hazard important?

Aside from the regulatory and duty of care responsibilities an employer faces, combustible dust poses serious, even catastrophic, risks—even from seemingly low-threat dusts.

Take a look at the following incident examples.